J Lo is a Bitch Because She Has To Be

Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx and her husband, Sir Marc Anthony, decided to spend a romantic evening at De la Hoya and Mayweather fight on Saturday night. Let’s face it, I’ll use any excuse to say “Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx” especially when they are at a fight where the on of the boxers has the words “de la” in his name. God bless Saint Jennifer. Anyway, it got me to thinking about what J Glow has been up to lately. So as I used “the Google” I assumed I would find a story about her diva demands. And guess what? I did.
In the latest Jennifer Glowpez diva story, she recently allegedly stated in an interview with Michael Parkinson (no clue) that her lengthy list of demands (such as special lights and fabrics in her dressing room, etc) are not really from her, but more about what her management team requests that she demand in order for J Lo to seem more interesting. You know what I think would make her seem more interesting? Singing lessons. Anyway, I think that’s a brilliant management team. I mean, J Glow can’t really sing or act so a lengthy list of demands definitely makes her more interesting to me. Good work management team, good work.
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