Don’t Call Her “Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx?”

Ok, well she’s not asking people to not call her, “Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx,” but she is asking people not to call her J. Lo anymore. According to The Sun J. Glow said that the name J. Lo was supposed to be “fun” but it “got out of control” and “crazy.” Really? Ok, I agree, which is why I nicknamed you “Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx.” It’s spiritual, respectful, and always forces people to know that you are just a simple saint from the Bronx. It’s brilliant if you ask me and, clearly, you have.

J. Glow is also not just taking film roles due to the financial gain she could achieve. J. Bronx said, “If you focus on the money you’re not going to get anywhere. If money is your motivation you’re going to be such an empty shallow person.” Really? To me, that sounds like something that someone with too much money would say.

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