Rihanna SideBoob Friday!

Happy Rihanna SideBoob Friday! It’s kinda like Happy Harriet Carter Wednesday, but for degenerate skanks. You’re welcome. Anyway, Rihanna (insert tired umbrella joke here ___) was going right to skank in the recent issue of FHM magazine, but I believe it’s for the FHM in Germany. Hell it could be the Canadian edition….I have no idea and I don’t see color. How come in the last photo it looks like they photoshopped in Jennifer Love Hewitt’s ass onto Rihanna’s chest? Me gusta photoshop.

In other Rihanna news, have you ever wondered what songs she likes to work out to? I know, me either, but I’m going to tell you anyway because if I don’t then this post was just to show off a little Rihanna sideboob, assboob, and foreheadboob. Here is goes:
  • Party Like a Rockstar – Shop Boyz
  • Beautiful Girls – Sean Kingston
  • Wall to Wall – Chris Brown
  • Do It – TI
  • SOS – Rihanna
  • Break it Off – Rihanna
  • Umbrella – Rihanna
  • Shut Up and Drive – Rihanna

I’m not joking about the last 4. She actually said her own songs. Awesome. If I were to work out here are the songs I would want:

  • I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston
  • I Will Always Love You – Dolly Parton
  • Ave Maria – Mormon Tabernacle Choir
  • Three Times a Lady – The Commodores
  • Ebony and Ivory – Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney
  • Waiting For Tonight – Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx

Those songs really get my heart rate going!

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Rihanna SideBoob Friday!

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