Rihanna Kinda Sings, Covers Forehead

While Paris was moments away from being brought back to the slammer, Rihanna was at The Today Show in NYC “performing” a few of her songs. Ok, so I use the term “performing” loosely. I was actually there when Rihanna was “singing” and professionally took the above pictures. Brilliant, I know. Anyway, Rihanna comes out and, for some reason, sings “SOS” twice. Maybe one was a warm up? Who cares. Regardless, I was a bit surprised how good she sounded and by “good” I actually mean “exactly like the radio version.” I’m not saying she was lip-syncing, but I am saying that when she put her mic down a few times her voice kept on going. When Rihanna sang “Umbrella, ella ella eh eh” it sounded a little too “good” as well. Although, when she busted out “Murderer” she absolutely was singing without a little “help.” I couldn’t get any pictures of her singing “Umbrella” because people at The Today Show passed out umbrellas for people to twirl while Rihanna sang. No joke, they would make you promise to twirl before they gave you an umbrella. No thanks.

It is great to see Rihanna with her bowl-cut-mullet. It really covers her forehead…or “fivehead” as my friend Dave says (thanks!).
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