Celebrity Rehab 3: The "Mackenzie Phillips I Had Sex With My Father" Tour Continues


Celebrity Rehab 3 With Dr. Drew and his oddly gray hair that hasn’t grown a half-centimeter in three seasons is back on Video Hits One, or VH1 as “the kids” call it, Thursday, January 7th at 10pm.   Am I excited?  Sure.  I heart Intervention on A&E and so seeing some of my favorite fauxlebrities from years-of-past yelling at each other during withdrawals is always quite the crowd please for me and my refrigerator of beers. 

I do have to admit, however, that the thought of having to watch Mackenzie Phillips continue her “I Had Sex With My Father” tour is not overly an interest of mine.  But still, after watching the preview clip (see below) it seems that most of the “patient” fights are taking place between themselves and the camera and/or camera-man.  And at one point, no joke, Heidi Fleiss is yelling “f*ck them” to the camera as she’s standing on the street with a multicolored parrot sitting on her elbow.  So, uh, any chance there can be a whole crapisode of just that because, if so, I’m increasing my regular alcohol intake so that I can hit “tilt” on my “Squeal-With-Delight-o-Meter.”

I also look forward to reading what Dennis Rodman has to say as television shows typically have to add subtitles when he speaks and, well, that’s how I get my book learnin’ in for the day.  I also predict a Joey Kovar and Lisa D’Amato showmance with a side of Tom Seizmore and Mike Starr constant crazy.

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