That Creepy Couple from Real Houswives

Please begin to induce vomiting. My sister finds The Real Housewives of New York City to be an absolute train wreck, but one that can’t be missed. I figured she’s get up this morning, check out my site, and begin pouring bleach in her eyes whilst reading IBBB (and more than usual).

Anyway, know that wicked creepy couple on the show? You know, the chick who talks like a robot and looks like a man who’s married to that dude who has Simon Cowell’s old haircut and the leftover freckles that fell off of Lindsay Lohan? Yeah, well the wife, Alex, has recently had some of these naked photos leaked onto the Interwebs. Alex is proud of these photos, as she should be because at least this proves to me that she is a women….or she had surgery to attach a rack to her chest and then cut off her diggity-ding-dong. Either way, I’m officially blind.

Alex recently told In Touch “It was a celebration that a new mom can be in great shape.” Know what else is a celebration of new mom being in great shape? Wearing layers…..many many layers. A ski-suit perhaps. If you pervs wanna check out the rest of Alex in all her glory click here.

Hopefully this will help with those “connections” that she’s always talking about. Fine, I saw the mini-marathon this weekend. They’re creepy and those kids are creepy too. Francois? Good luck kid.

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