TAMRAAAAA is Going to Lose Her Dried Out Fried Weave Over This!




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Me gusta Gretchen, but Tamra must be so psyched to see these pictures of Gretchen on a boat kissing Slade that she’s probably not even going to have time to pimp out/have sex with her creepy son. And that’s saying a lot!  You will remember Slade from Season 1 of the Real Housewives of Orange County.  He was the one who went out with Jo and almost drove over his mailbox chasing her down when she broke up with him.  Those were the days.

Gretchen’s fiance died last September from cancer and now 6-months later she’s on a boat.  Oh, and kissing some dude. How dare she move on with her life when she has reality show fans to answer to and please!? Does she still have her engagement ring on?  Trashtastic!  Most hate Gretchen because of these kind of shenanigans, but I love her more for it.  She’s owning it. I say give her a spinoff!  Call it something catchy like, “Gretchen Rossi: Burning in Hell and Loving It.”  Ba da ba ba ba I’m lovin’ it!

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