Real Housewives of New York City: Trainwreck Edition is About to Begin





Pistol whip your TIVO because the Real Housewives of New York City: Trainwreck Edition is about to start the hell up.  The whole crazy-train gang attended the Season 2 Premiere Party at the Palace Hotel yesterday in New York City.  I’m surprised they didn’t hold the premiere party at Simon and Alex’s crack-house in Brooklyn (I’m sure they could have asked Mrs. Rossini to clean the apartment and make some raviolli).

I love how no matter what picture is taken of her, Ramona always looks like a police officer is shining a flashlight in her face and giving her a drug test.  Equally as amusing is Simon and Alex.  They’re not particularly doing anything comical, but just looking at them is entertainment enough.

This season we are introduced to Kelly Killoren, who the rest of these skanky-skankersons dislike.  They should have thrown Nene into the mix just for good measure and, perhaps, Kim’s wig.  Maybe they could have had Nene wear Kim’s wig and play a different character.  Why am I not writing for this show?

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