Lynne Curtin Can Add Some New Cuffs to Her Collection. Hey Oh!


There’s nothing I like better than Lynne’s cuffs from The Real Housewives of Orange County.  I love when she talks about her cuffs, I love when she shows off her cuffs, and I love when she draws out sketchesof her cuffs.  Cuffs, cuffs, cuffs!  They usually consist of cheap leather, a hot glue gun, and then she just bedazzles the ever loving piss out of them.  Anycuffs, Lynne Curtain and her husband, Frank, were ordered to a court of law the other day to answer questions  in regards to a $1.2 million lawsuit they were supposed to pay to a past business partner (aka, “the hot glue gun”).  Well guess what?  Lynne and Frank never showed up to court.  I assume with Lynne’s new face she is on the run from the law and, well, who the hell knows who Frank is anyway?!

Since Lynne, Frank, and their cuffs were “no-shows” at court, the judge has ordered a warrant for their arrest.  Once Lynne is arrested she should be ordered, by law, to watch her own crapisodes of the Real Housewives and then be forced to take a lie-detector test to prove she is as high as a kite in every scene she’s in.  I want answers, damn it!

No word yet from Lynne and her cuffs could not be reached for comment.

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