Kim from Real Housewives and IBBB are OVER!

Are the kids still saying “dunzo?” Anywig, IBBB has some sad news to report. I had befriended crazy-ass Kim from Real Housewives of Atlanta on Myspace and after some email correspondence Kim agreed to be interviewed for this brilliant blog. I actually told her that I couldn’t get enough of her constant drinking and smoking and she thanked me for my encouragement.

Well, then Kimmy Pants read IBBB and decided against the interview and even removed me as her “friend.” Drat! Damn it all to hell! So what I may have made some wig jokes, Heidi Montag jokes, singing jokes, and white-trash jokes about Kim on IBBB? Please, if this site was “The Soup” she’d be eating it up.

Oh well. No fun interview with Kim, you guys. I will try to pick up the shattered pieces of my life and continue on. Either way she’s still one of my favorites on Housewives, but now NeNe has just edged her way to my #1 spot.

Best wishes, Kim, with that singing career. I’ll tip my White Zin back for ya when you make it to the top of the charts!

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