Tamraaaaaaa! Tamra Barney’s Husband, Simon, Files For Divorce from the Real Housewives of Orange County Trashmaster


Uh oh!  Someone cue the tears that Tamra likes to cry without ever actually having any liquid come out of her eyes and roll down her Botox’d cheeks.  Radar Online is exclusively reporting that Tamra Barney’s husband, Simon, from the Real Housewives of Orange County has filed for divorce and is claiming that Tamraaaaaaa (!!!) has been “verbally abusive and has committed acts of disloyalty and infidelity.”  Now I’m not a legal expert, but let’s break down those claims and see if we can decipher the code:

Verbally Abusive” – Fried out weave is unruly.
Committed Acts of Disloyalty”   – Played white-trash Bunko in her backyard.
Committed Acts of Infidelity”  – Clearly “did sex” to her son, Ryan.

Well, now that we solved that, let’s move on.  It’s also being reported that Tamra has moved out of their home and into a two-bedroom apartment.

Ah sweet karma.  Didn’t Tamra lose her sh*t week after week claiming that Gretchen Rossi (another cast member) cheated on her elderly fiance, Jeff, whilst he was on his deathbed?  Well, Simon is claiming that Tamra has been unfaithful as well.  Oh how the white-trash-with-money have fallen.  You know, I actually don’t feel good when other people’s lives are in ruins, but there’s something about Tamra’s life, specifically, that puts a sh*t-eating-grin smile on my face.

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