I’m Pretty Sure Simon and Tamra are Having a Blog Sass-Off


You know what you do when you’re going through a divorce and are on a reality show where your wife is a trash bag?  You guessed it! You blog about it!  This time, however, Simon (the husband of Tamraaaaa from the Real Housewives of Orange County) is taking to the Bravo website to air his side of the story…..and he did it in 2 pages….and it’s as lifeless as his personality on the show.  Here are some highlights on his side of the story:

  • Tamra has also made her choices in what she has said on the show this season about me, (her husband). My belief is you should never disparage your spouse to anyone for any reason (especially on national TV). All season long, I have been unpleasantly surprised by some of my wife’s comments and conversations about me. I have no idea what she says or has said on camera until it airs. If I’m not present, I don’t see these scenes until they air unless she tells me about it. And she never tells me about it. Hmmm.
  • My wife has changed in the last few years. (I wonder why???) She is not the same girl I knew three years ago. I really don’t know her anymore. And it breaks my heart.
  • Last year Gretchen said and did things that upset my wife (false accusations, court summons, etc.). It upset Tamra so much that she remained in bed for a whole month. She was miserable and cried all the time during this period.
  • Tamra and I were in Las Vegas the day after New Year’s Eve. She told me she knew she could get someone better looking, with more money, and who would let her do whatever she wants, regardless. But she was going to stay together for the kids. I was shocked, and I’m shocked now watching her at dinner with her mother, when she says, “If it wasn’t for the kids, I would leave him.” Ouch! That really hurt!
  • Sorry kids, I would give up my life and conquer the world for you. Just couldn’t triumph over celebrity and fame. Daddy loves you very much…

Yowza.  I felt creepy just reading this.  I think it’s wonderful that Simon is not only passive aggressively dealing with Tamra in the Bravo blog, but is also sending out a public message to his children via the blog as well.  Now that’s parenting!  Love, Daddy.

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