I Assume Kissing Vicki Gunvalson is Like Licking a Who?


If you kissed Vicki Gunval(burp)…Vicki Gunvals (hmmmrph)….Vicki Gu (bleh)….Vicki Gunvalson would you brag about it?  That’s the real crime here.  According to Star Magazine and Nostradamus, while vacationing in Puerto Vallarta Vicki started flirting and dancing with a 25 year old college student, Mike Pullin (the poor mans Brad Ferro)…and it ended in a kiss (yuck).

Mike Pullin told Star, “Vicki was extremely outgoing and having a great time, like a sorority girl.  We clicked immediately and danced to rock ‘n’ roll by Bon Jovi and Journey. She was living it up. She kept talking to me. She was a big flirt.”

Star continues, “When Mike bought a round of tequila shots for their group, Vicki gave him a very special thank you — a big kiss on the lips!”

Alright.  I have 3 things to discuss:

  1. Why are you 25 and still in college?  Perhaps stay the hell out of Puerto Vallarta and hit the books, bricks.
  2. Who says, “…and danced to rock ‘n’ roll’ by Bon Jovi?”  Why not just call the club “el discoteca” and call it a day.
  3. Why are you proud and telling anyone that your lips touched Vicki’s Whoville face?

However, Vicki is telling a bit of a different story.  She told People Magazine, “He told me it was his birthday and wanted a birthday kiss. He seemed nice, but very star struck!  I never ‘made out’ with him, as he stated. I never let him touch me inappropriately — ever.”

If I were Vicki I would say the photo was photoshopped and she was busy working….it was 1:00 in the afternoon.  Who goes to Puerto Vallarta at 1:00 in the afternoon?  I work.  So that answers that.

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