Wait, So Kelly Bensimon Really is Crazy? Spoiler Alert: Yes.


So apparently Kelly from Real Housewives of New York City really did go kind of crazy in last weeks crapisode.  I knew it wasn’t editing (you learn a lot from “The Hills”) but I suspected she may have been playing up “the crazy” for the cameras.  Well, all the cast members of Real Housewives took to their separate Bravo Blogs to talk about Kelly, her crazy-train behavior, and how it really was worse than we even got to see. Looks like I was right about the 5150.  Check out some of their thoughts below.

Bethenny “Go to Sleep, Go to Sleeeeep” Frankel:

“I have to be honest. I felt for a few years now that I was seeing something in Kelly that I couldn’t believe others couldn’t see. I grew up in an insane asylum, so I can sense when someone is unstable from the beginning. I have seen signs of Kelly’s erratic behavior for years now, and of course there was the domestic violence charge with her ex boyfriend. Things like that just don’t happen to people. A large part of me feels sorry for her and sincerely thinks she should not be participating in a reality show environment. I don’t think she can resist the temptation of the attention it brings regardless of the fact that it may not be good for her. Reality television is very stressful under the most normal circumstances.

Truth be told, what aired was very tame compared to what actually happened. I think that to air the full scope of it would terrify the viewers. We were truly terrified ourselves, and I must point out that none of us came home from that trip and told anyone about what went on there. We understood how serious it was and we were all scared. That night when I went to bed, I was legitimately scared for my safety as well as Kelly’s. I know Alex felt the same. It was a completely horrendous trip and experience. That is the God’s honest truth.”

Alex “I’m Suddenly the Normal One” McCord:

“I literally cannot wait for the next episode to see what they’ve chosen because you would not believe everything that happened. Or maybe you would.”

Countess LuAnn de Levorced:

“I encouraged Kelly to pass on this trip because I knew that she couldn’t defend herself. I’m still baffled by how antagonistic she was at the dinner party. I think that Kelly may have had other issues going on at home that pushed her over the emotional edge. Kelly’s lack of empathy makes it hard for her to be a good girlfriend. After watching this episode, I can honestly say, I’m glad I stayed home! I don’t think anyone could have helped Kelly in this situation.”

Ramona “Don’t Call Me Crazy Eyes” Singer:

“Unfortunately Kelly would not allow anyone to get a word in edge wise so I went over to Bethenny and sat on the arm of her chair to tell her how sorry I was about lashing out on her on the Brooklyn Bridge. Something snapped in Kelly that night at dinner. I never witnessed anything like that before in my life. She was not making any sense. It was as if she had a mini-breakdown. I really do not know what caused it, but is was frightening to witness.”

Sonja “Take My Pooch Please” Morgan:

“I want to believe Bethenny didn’t speak negatively about Kelly’s children to the press, even though Kelly feels strongly that she did, for sure. I like to believe Bethenny would own up to it if she had, especially at this critical point. It was hard for me to watch this scene. I felt we all had to take responsibility for what had transpired. I felt Kelly’s pain as well as Bethenny’s and just wanted to make everyone whole again.  I needed a vacation after this vacation. My sympathies to Ramona for her great efforts (and everyone’s by the way) but not my idea of a vacation.”

Kelly “5150” Bensimon:

“I have never endured such a difficult time with four women. Trust your instincts.”

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