Real Housewives of New York New Cast? If Ramona Gets Replaced, I Quit Life.



Blah.  Even these photos look like they suck.  The Real Housewives of New York attended their premiere party the other night at Tenjune in NYC.  Fitting.  So here’s the breakdown.  We have Bethenny Frankel (the Stewie Griffin of the group), along with Ramona Singer, Ramona’s eyes, Alex McCord, Alex’s flapjack boobs, and a couple of newbies.  One new cast member is Sonja Moran and the other is Jennifer Gilbert.  I don’t know which is which and, honestly, I couldn’t give to sh*ts.  All I know is that one looks like Marlee Matlin (and makes me already wish I was deaf) and the other one looks like if Lynne and Alexis from Real Housewives of Orange County merged into one skanked out trash-heap.

Not pictured is Jill Zarin, Kelly Bensimon, and LuAnn de Lesyphilis.  However, Jill Zarin is talking about the 3rd season of Real Housewives and has said, “This season is like Opposite Day from last season.  This season is ‘Bizarro Housewives.’  Bethenny and I were best friends, and now we’re not. Kelly and I weren’t friends, and now we are, and as you’ll see, there will be more ‘opposites.’ “

Thanks for explaining what “opposites” are, Jill.  I know you think that the audience who actually watches this show wouldn’t know, but guess what?  We almost do.

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