No I Didn’t Draw This: Kelly Bensimon on the Cover of Playboy (Animated Edition?)


You know how I sometimes (aka “all the time”) photoshop pictures of Heidi Montag’s new head onto random objects like mannequins, beavers, and the like?  Well, it looks like the folks over at Playboy basically did the same thing, but this time they tapped into the experts over at Hanna Barbera to help with the face of Kelly Bensimon.

The 2nd most allegedly medicated schizophrenic on Real Housewives of New York City did anything but get into good shape for her Playboy spread (giggity).  Kelly told Us Magazine, “I literally drank beer — Corona — and ate chicken wings for two weeks!”  Wow.  Because nothing says “hot sex” quite like a beer belly spread eagle pose.  Staaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhp Kelly, staaaaaaahp!

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