Crazies Who Hang Together, Stay Together




So when did these two become so buddy-buddy?  Ramona Singer, her renewal, Alex McCord, and Alex’s Route 1 Ramada Inn bedspread all headed out to the grand opening of “Housing Work’s Hell’s Kitchen” yesterday in New York City.  I have no idea what two of those words mean.  Regardless, they were there mugging it up for the cameras and looking relieved that the likes of Jill Zarin and LuAnn de Levorced did not show up to the event.

So how crazy (eyes) is it that Ramona and Alex have become fast friends?  Remember when Ramona hated her when amateur photos of Alex’s flapjack boobs showed up on the Interwebs?  Those were the days.  However, Ramona has set her sights higher on someone to hate, which is now the Countess LuAnn.  I never mentioned this when the episode of Real Housewives of NYC aired, but how awesome was it when Jill called Ramona and had her on speaker phone while LuAnn was sitting there and Ramona was saying that LuAnn was a slut during her entire marriage.  Brilliant.  Unscripted.  Raw.  Entertaining.  If I were running things at Bravo, I would have made sure that moving forward Ramona was only allowed to talk about people over speaker phone, as we really learned a lot.  A lot.

Sidenote, how insane is Ramona’s house in the Hampton’s?  Where the hell did they make all their  money and, more importantly, can I have some?

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