Watch Now: The New Season of RHONJ is Here and Teresa Flips a Chair!

I couldn’t be more excited that FINALLY the newest season of Real Housewives of New Jersey is here!  It’s debuting on October 4th and there’s a new cast member we’re already scratching our head over.  It seems like this season Dolores and Siggy are ready to throw down, Danielle Staub is back (!!), Theresa and Melissa are still friends, and Milania (genuflect) will still be a handful.  Here’s what we know so far (via terrible screenshots).

1.  Danielle Staub is Back for the 2017 – 2018 RHONJ Season and Looking Familiar

2.  Dolores is NOT Playing Around This Season (and We Love Her For It)

3.  And Either is Siggy, Who’s About To Pull the Pigtails Off the New Housewive

4.  And This is the New Housewife, Margaret Joseph (With Pigtails in Tow)

5.  Teresa Flips a Chair (The Table Was Jealous Right After She Tells Kim D That Posche Stands For  “Piece of Sh*t Coke-Whore Home-wrecker Everyday.”  So There’s That.

6.  And Then Everyone Fights at Dinner!  Hooray!

We. Can’t Wait.

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