Presenting: Gia’s Music Video (aka This Ain’t Endin’ Well)


In “I can’t” news, Gia (z-snap) has officially launched her music career. Apparently she’s part of a girl group called 3KT. Technically I think it should be called “3 Gia’s Gyratin'” but that’s just me spitballing some ideas at this point. It could have also been called “Making Money to Pay Government Issued Fines.” But who am I to judge? What am I the police?

Anyhuh, 3KT’s first music video is a cover of Britney Spears’ “Circus.” Everyone is up in arms because Gia is apparently only 13 years old and is dressed and dancing like a 25 year old in heat, but I think it’s more scandalous that the quality of the music video and sound is better than any music video that any of the Housewives has ever released in the history of forever. I’m sure Luann is rolling over in her grave right now (I just assume).

Whilst the dancing is a bit risque and I’m pretty sure the moves that they’re doing can get your pregnant, it’s nice to see Gia able to focus on something else besides her parents going to the slammer-lammer-ding-dong.  By the way, I’m pretty sure that 2 of the girls are Gia and the other girl is that b*tchy US gymnast who always smirked at her scores.  Either that or it’s that chick who’s the Weekend Today Show anchor….Erica Hill?  Moreover, I need a life.

Of course the highlight of the entire video was the last 10 seconds in which Milania (genuflect) made a cameo.






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