The Vatican is Busy Making Sins and Stuff

Just when I thought I was breaking all the sins I possibly could, that zany Vatican is busy making up new sins for me to break. I believe they should be calling this “Sins 2.0: Go Green or Go to Hell.”

As if there weren’t enough problems the Catholic Church should be focused on they’ve recently updated their “list-o-sins” and added ones about not polluting the earth and “beware genetic manipulation.” Funny, I checked the list but couldn’t find anything about not raping innocent children and then moving those priests around to different churches without alerting parishioners. Hmm, I should go back and re-read that. Maybe it’s in there.

Also, the article states that “Under Benedict and his predecessor John Paul, the Vatican has become progressively ‘green.'” Yeah, well Tyra Banks made the limo in America’s Next Top Model Cycle 9 green before the Vatican did. Tyra, clearly, is closer to God then the Pope is. She figured that anyway.

Anyway, I’m all for not polluting and “going green” but think there are some other “sins” the church should be dealing with first. Oh, and I say I’m all for going green, but am not entirely sure what that consists of and if it means I have to separate my newspapers and glass bottles in my trash I’m 100% not doing it.


New Sins? Say’s Who!?!

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