No, I Won’t Text “Joke” to 6657

Time for a rant!

No, I won’t text “Joke” to 6657. In fact, I won’t text “horoscope” to 2242 or “love” to 9437. Seriously? These commercials that want you to text message a code to a phone number so that you can get jokes sent to your cell phone each day is ridiculous. Who’s doing this? I want their names. Why in the hell would I need a joke sent to my cell phone each morning and what the hell would I do with that joke? Would I tell people the joke and then charge them for the joke since I was charged for the joke? These commercials are horrific and the “joke samples” they give you aren’t even a little funny. And why are these commercials so loud? I’m watching TV (MTV) at a normal volume and all of a sudden this commercial comes on and it is so loud that I immediately put my self on “code-red” because I think someone is declaring jihad on me.

I see another commercial over the weekend where you can text message “valentine” to a number and they’ll send you “valentine’s day” noises to your phone which consists of kissing sounds and moans. Really? What would someone do with that? The sad part is that I know that people are doing this and are being charged monthly to receive these messages. Let me do these people a favor. I’ll send you a text message joke or “love sound” for half the price. Then I’ll also provide you with a free lecture on why spending your hard earned money on something like this when there are people living on the streets will make you burn in hell eventually (I’ll be seeing you there).

So the next time you’re walking home from a bar and some homeless guy on the street begs you for some money, feel free to explain to him that the reason why you can’t spare any change is because you need that money so you can get a joke sent to your cell phone, daily.
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