Wicked Random Celebrities Support Lupus

When the Lupus LA’s 2008 Orange Ball that was held at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel last night was looking for some celebrity support all the random celebrities came out of the woodwork to raise awareness for Lupus and show their support. I loved this because the celebrities that showed up really were so random. We have my favorite Hills dingbat, Whitney Port, followed by that little bitch, Dakota Fanning, and then Kate Flannery better known as “Meredith” from The Office.

Is Whitney wearing a heavy duty garbage bag as a shirt? Her boobs are wrapped up tight and I’m ok with that. Dakota Fanning, on the other hand, is up way to late for a school night and provides a bad example to other up and coming little bitches like Bindi Irwin. Stay home. Do math. Put your teeth under your pillow. Wet your bed. Be a kid. Then we have Meredith, who rules on the office and in real life and, apparently, has hair so orange you can see it from space. Hopefully she went all the way with that and made sure the carpet matches the drapes. Nope. I take that back.

So, to sum up, clearly no real celebrity or important celebrity cares about Lupus and neither should you. Ok fine, you should care. God I hate when I get a conscience.

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