Which Random Fauxlebrities Attended the 7th Annual World Poker Tour?

Ricki Lake

William Hung

Shanna Moakler

CariDee English

I love seeing fauxlebrities.  It’s way more fun than seeing Lohan and crew out and about.  I also like seeing fauxlebrities all in one place because it immediately gets me up to speed on who’s dead and who’s alive.  For example, Ricki Lake….not dead.  Who knew?  America’s Next Top Model worst winner to date, CariDee English…..not dead.  Who knew?  Is it bad that I wished that I could hear William Hung say CariDee English’s name out loud?  It’s like 3 games in 1.  What a treat.

All these randoms attended and played at the 7th Annual World Poker Tour in LA over the weekend.  (Insert the obligatory) Poker? I hardly know her!

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