When WE TV Has an Event, All the Stars Come Out

Ring the alarm! When WE TV has an event, all the a-listers come out to show their support. WE TV was hosting a panel discussion and having a screening for their new show that’s getting a ton of buzz called, “High School Confidential.” This reality/documentary has been filming for 4-years and followed the lives of high school students and their trials and tribulations. Ok, now that business is taken care of let’s move on to exactly showed up to this.
First off they were lucky enough to attract the likes of Michael Lohan! Cherry, cherry, bell. When Michael got the call he put on his best shoe salesman sports coat and tightest stonewashed jeans he could find in his hamper. Next up Ali Lohan and tanerific mom, Dina, even stopped by. Careful Ali, it’s a school night and you’re 13 so hit the books or you’ll end up like you sister, Lindsay No Pants. Finally, Suchin Pak and Ally Sheedy made an appearance because, you know, they both make sense. Seriously? Even I should have been invited to this shitshow. Oh well.
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