Whatever Happened to that Anna Nicole Movie?


Yeah, whatever happened to that Anna Nicole movie that they were making?  Did that ever come out?  Seeing this photo of Willa Ford, who was at the Friday the 13th premiere they other night in LA, reminded me that I never saw it.  That sucks because I was almost certain that it would have provided me days of material.  I was on the edge of my seat waiting to hear Willa (who was slated to play Anna) yell out from the witness stand, “Screw you, Rusty!”  I was also highly anticipating hearing whoever was to play Larry Birkhead say, “Sleep well Anna baby.”  And who could forget one of Anna’s last interviews with Entertainment Tonight when she would grind her fake teeth together, look into the camera and say, “Bring it on, Mommy dearest!”

Ah yes, that would have provided me hours and days of laughs. They must be selling this on DVD at a Coconut Records or something.

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