Senator Anthony Galluccio: Why I Love Being From Massachusetts!


IBBB typically doesn’t like to get political as I can’t learn about politics from reality shows, but once in a while I can’t help it.  When Massachusetts senator, Anthony Galluccio, was involved in a hit-and-run with a 13 year old boy, a judge ordered him to 6-months of home confinement, not to drink alcohol, and pass breathe tests after he plead guilty to the hit-and-run.  Well three days into his “sentencing” Anthony Galluccio failed an alcohol breathalyzer test and…wait for it….wait for it….blamed it on the toothpaste that he used that day.

Not only did he blame his failure of the test on the toothpaste, but he actually had an expert on the matter appear in court and try to plead/justify his case.  The judge did not believe this claim and has now forced Anthony Galluccio to report to actual prison for 1 full year.  No more home confinement for him!  Donkey.

I love being from MA!  Sully, get the Colgate!  It’s gonna get us wicked pissah drunk!

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