Lisa Love: Forever in Our Hearts



I’m not sure why I titled that like she’s dead when, in fact, Lisa Love is alive and kicking and refusing to show us any teeth whatsoever.  An IBBB reader sent me this touching photo of my old crush from The Hills who “played the role” of Lauren Conrad’s and Whitney Port’s boss at Teen Vogue.  For me, Lisa Loveless was the original Kelly Cutrone but, well, it was time to move on and, so, I did.  I’m typing all of this with a British accent, by the way.  Lisa may be best known for coining the phrase in which she said to LC, “You’ll always be known as the girl who didn’t go to Paris” and, well, she was kinda wrong because to me LC will always be known as the girl who quit The Hills and refused to take care of that pesky mustache.

Anyway, Lisa Love attended “The World in Vogue: The Oscar de la Renta Book Signing” with a man whom I orignally assumed was Leon from “Roseanne,” but apparently is actually Harnish Bowles.  I don’t know what those two words mean.

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