Happy Birthday Kristy Swanson! Ok, Yup, Uh-Huh, Happy Birthday. Yeah. What? Ok…Alright. Yup, Have a Good One. Alrighty, I, I Gotta Go. Ok, I’ll Definitely Do That. Ok, See You on Celebrity Rehab. Ba-Bye.


I think the title speaks for itself.

Kristy Swanson celebrated the big 4-0 at LAX Nightclub in the Luxor Hotel in Vegas the other night with some close family and friends.  Actually, I have no idea who she celebrated with.  I just assumed.  All I know is that I am hypnotized by the hair on the woman on the left.  I thought it was Debi Mazar‘s character, Sandy, from Goodfella’s.  You know what?  Let’s just pretend it is.

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