Katie Couric Drunk Dancing? I'm Officially Switching to the CBS News!



I can finally check #167 off of my Bucket List:  See Pictures of Katie Couric Allegedly Drunk Dancing.  Check!  A site that I’d like to work for, although they’ll have nothing to do with me, have posted these glorious pictures of Katie Couric dancing-up-a-shit-storm on the dance floor, apparently, at the CBS Evening News after-party when she debuted as their new anchor back in 2006. I mean, they almost look like something I would photoshop, but I’ll go with it…

Is it wrong that I’ve printed out all five of these pictures and flip through them like a cartoon-book with a black-light on all whilst listening to “Brick House.”  That’s normal, right?  I’m really torn if I prefer “Action Couric” bent over or “Action Couric” hiking up her skirt.  Hmmm.  Perhaps I’ll go with “Action Couric” getting ready to bust out the “z-snap.” 

Now if Katie could just have a dance-off somewhere in the Middle East, I gaurentee Bin Laden would pop out of his cave for a rendition of “Come on Eileen” or “Cotton-Eye-Joe.”  It’s worth a shot.

katie-couric-drunk-dancing-3     katie-couric-drunk-dancing-4     katie-couric-drunk-dancing-5     katie-couric-drunk-dancing-2

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