In “Huh? What?” News…


Uh.  So, these two got married over the weekend.  Really?  What?  Andrew Shue from Melrose Place and Amy Robach from Weekend Today (The bastard step child of the Today Show) tied the knot in NYC at The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers.  I don’t think I should have known that these two were even doing nasty boom boom to each other, but I’m kind of surprised I didn’t know that these two were doing nasty boom boom to each other.  Apparently they met at a book signing party last April, got engaged in September, and now married in February.  How many months does it take to have a baby?  I’m not good with math.  Eh, who cares.  Although one thing I learned from this is that I would like to learn more about the sex lives of all the “newscasters” on the Today Show.  Yeah I’m talking to you Hoda Kotbe!  I don’t need to find out from People Magazine that you got married to David Lander at the Planet Hollywood in Times Square over the weekend!

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