Fan Group Trying to Get Betty White to Host Saturday Night Live (SNL)


I won’t even come close to mentioning the almost Betty White camel toe as I suspect the same thing happens if you see the Devil’s face.  You immediately combust.  Anycobwebs, a Facebook group is trying their best to get Betty White to host an upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live.

At the time of this posting there are 11,200 fans who also seem to share this same interest.  It must be nice to have goals and meaning in life.  The group continuously mentions that she is now 80 years old, so apparently, they’re trying to get this booked onto her schedule before she races Rue McClanahan to the pearly white gates of Heaven.

If you you want to join the group, click here.  I’m sure the big-wigs at SNL scan Facebook groups to see who they should book next so, remember, your vote counts.  As a side note I’d like to work for The Soup and host it so, well, feel free to start up a Facebook group so that I can accomplish this.  Thanks.

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