The Hilton Sisters Are Skanks, Pass It On

Hey sluts, keep your legs closed, no? The Hilton Sluts were having a little fun at the playboy mansion and then really steamed things up in the limo afterwards. So here’s my issue. Two girls drunk, cool. Two girls who are sisters and drunk, cooler. One of them looking like a dude in drag, not so cool.

Did Nicky and Paris not notice that there were camera flashes going off in their faces and other places? I mean they are really bringing, “Is That Paris Hilton Ass, Boob, or Stanky Putanky” to a whole new level. It’s really a new game when you toss in another Hilton sister. One thing is for sure…these chicks are classy.

P.S The Ramada sisters would have never posed like this! Well…only because the Ramada sisters work at the Ramada…as maids….and are like 54.
Who Shot Those Skanks!?!
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