Paris is “Hanging In There,” Hopefully Not Literally.

Hollywood parents must be beaming with pride this week. First, my personal favorite, Dina Lohan visits her daughter Lindsay in rehab and now Rick and Kathy Hilton visit their daughter Paris in prison. With Father’s Day just around the corner, Rick must feel like he’s already received his gift. According to US Weekly Rick has said that it was “hard” visiting Paris in the slammer and that Paris is “weepy…but doing the best she can…and it hanging in there.” Uh, yeah “hanging in there?” I wouldn’t give Paris any ideas. Wait, or was Rick trying to tell us something? Later as the Hilton’s were leaving their visit with Paris, Kathy Hilton (who kinda seems like a douche bag) was quoted as saying “It is what it is.” Really Kathy? Is it? I thought it “is what it isn’t” or “it was what it wasn’t.” That’s your quote, really? I hope you used those touching words when you finally saw Paris behind the bulletproof glass. She must have felt warm all over.
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