Paris is 10 Years Old

Paris Hilton’s dad, Mr. Hilton, is in the hospital having an operation for something random. Meanwhile, Paris decided to take it upon herself to make her dad a “get well soon” poster. Paris bedazzled the Christ out of the poster and added all pictures of her and her family all over it. She even wrote “Feel Better Dad” in bubble letters on the poster too! Wow this is great work, Paris, great work. I mean, it’s great work for a little girl who is about 10 years old, but it’s basically creepy coming from someone who is like 25. And where the hell did she get all the supplies from? Does she have an arts-and-crafts room in her house? This is stupid. You have about $100 million. How about buying a card or some flowers. It’s bad enough that Paris probably gave her dad a stroke when he found out his daughter was going to prison, but after this poster he probably thinks his daughter is retarded too.
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