Paris Hilton is a Free “Woman”

Here-ye! Here-ye! Parents, keep an eye on your kids because Paris Hilton is free to walk the streets again as she has just been released from the most popular prison stay ever. Never has there been more attention of someone leaving a place since Jesus left his tomb three days after his Crucifixion and, let’s face it, Paris is as close to Jesus as you can get.

Some prison workers claim that Paris has lost 10 pounds since she started her prison sentence, which I think is brilliant since she was only there for 23 days. Someone tell Valerie Bertonelli to hang up on “Jenny” and just start a short prison term. People are also saying that Paris is in “good spirits.” The photo above is one of the first of Paris exiting prison. No joke, I think she’s looking more and more like Martha Stewart.

You can check out Paris Hilton on Larry King tomorrow night and I’m sure you can check her out taking advantage of every photo opportunity in the next 24 hours as well. This will consist of Paris driving, stopping to get something to eat, waking up Robertson Blvd, walking into Hyde, walking out of Hyde, having lunch at the Ivy, and at all other “low-key” places.

Who Said That!?!

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