Paris Hilton Heads to Social Studies at Immaculate Conception Grammar School



I must start this off, of course, by tossing in the photo of Paris slutting by the sign that said “Public Parking” and pointed right at her “gentlemen greeter.”  Jesus Claus totally has a brilliant sense of humor.

I remember when I was in Catholic grammar school the nuns used to spend the majority of their days teaching us that the girls in public schools were sluts, which was always odd since the catholic school girls that went to my school always seemed to have their skirts hiked up to their “Virgin Mary’s” if ya know what I mean.  I’m talking about their vaginasteins.  Was that not clear?

Anyvaltrex, Paris Hilton decided to skank it up a few notches while she was on Robertson Boulevard in sunny LA over the weekend.  You know she was on her way to Kitson so she could blow the owners and the paparazzi in front of The Ivy all at the same time.  She’s efficient like that.

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