Paris’ Cellmate Will Be a Crazy Driver

Well we are down to about 5 days until Paris Hilton starts to party it up in the slammer! Even though she is still getting scripts sent to her (see above), Paris has already been assigned a cellmate. Awesome! It sounds just like going away to college for the first time when you get your new roommates phone number and address and you call them before you move in just to introduce yourself and see who’s going to bring the refrigerator and who’s going to bring the hot-plate. Paris’ new roommate that has been assigned to her cell is spending time in the slammer because she is a “reckless driver.” I think it’s a perfect fit. Clearly, both of these girls like to party and drink it up, so I think they’ll get along fine. Seriously, being in prison is one thing, but being confined to a 2×4 cell with Paris Hilton and hearing nothing but, “that’s hot” is punishment enough. If anything is going to teach that other chick not to drink and drive, it’s that. Prison guards are already being warned that they’ll be fired if any pictures of Paris in jail leak out to the press. Uh, get ready for a lot of prison guards out of work.
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