Mr Miyagi Alive and Well!

Looky eye, always looky eye! Mr. Miagi of Miyagi-do Karate is alive and kicking and is ready to apparently live the simple life with Paris Hilton. He may have taught Danileson how to do the crane technique, but he’s moving on to bigger and better things such as teaching Paris how to not squint one eye, how to talk in a normal voice that a 26-year old should be talking in, and how to look less like Martha Stewart. If Mr. Miyagi could help Daniel win a major karate match and even lead him to victory in Okinawa, then I’m sure Paris will be in top shape a well.

By the way, Paris is either with Mr. Miyagi or motherhood isn’t really agreeing with Nicole Richie. It’s hard to tell. Anyway, it’s been rumored for a little while that Paris has been having some quality time with some spiritual guru and apparently this is him. To be honest, I like my story that incorporates Mr Miyagi much better. Sweep the leg!

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