Is It Just Me or Is Nicole Richie Fat?

I actually would like to applaud Nicole Richie for doing her best “lollipop” impersonation. Wasn’t Nicole working on gaining weight? Maybe it’s the photos from “ParisExposed” of Nicole eating coke off of a plate that made her lose her appetite. Yeeeeah, I’ll go with that. Regardless of what type of lollipop head syndrome (LHS) that Nicole is suffering from, she and Paris spent some time at Mr Chow’s for a little din-din.
In Paris Hilton news, Paris has filed a federal lawsuit to have “ParisExposed” shut down and she wants her junk back. She also wants her virginity back, but you can’t reverse that crap. You know what? I’m filing a federal lawsuit to have Paris Hilton shut down. I don’t mean the website, I actually mean her.
Who Shot Those Two!?

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