And Paris is Out of Jail

According to my close friends at TMZ (they don’t know me), Paris Hilton has been released from jail early this morning after serving what seems like 12 hours in the slammer. I’m sure in this short period of time Paris has learned a lot, such as:
  • How to become someones bitch
  • How not to become someones bitch
  • Proper hair braiding etiquette (thanks to the girls from MTV’s “Juvies”)
  • The difference between the words “shank” and “skank”
  • And finally, multiple excuses to use on why you have a black eye such as: I tripped and hit the door knob, I accidentally answered the iron, and (my favorite) dinner was a little late.

Best wishes to you Paris on your freedom. If it is true that you are writing a book, I would just make it a brochure at this point. For the latest and most update information on Paris’ freedom, be sure to come to the source that always has it waiting for you. Uh, yeah not me because I’m busy. I recommend doing a Google search.

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