That Dentyne Ice, Rock of Love Commercial

I’m not sure if you can technically win an Emmy Award for commercials, although I think you can, but I’m pretty sure I’m winning for this commercial. As promised, IBBB would find multiple ways of selling out in 2007 and then carry it over to 2008. Well, 1-month in 08 I feel that I’ve already found my first sellout opportunity. My “Dentyne Ice/Rock of Love” commercial started airing yesterday. In case you’ve missed it I, of course, add the uploaded commercial. My goal is to now get into the Harriet Carter catalog (if you don’t know what that is, Google it). So all you agents and writers out there please feel free to offer me your services.
All I want to say about my performance is that if me and Audrina were having a “White Teeth-off” I think she would only win because she has a bit of a tan already. If I were tanned I would have definitely won.
All kidding aside I was, of course, psyched to have been chosen for the commercial and had a kick-arse time filming it, etc. Who knew when I started this tired little blog over a year ago I would have ended up moving to NYC and being in a national commercial. I think Oprah says something like, “God dreams bigger than you can dream for yourself.” Well, Oprah’s a bitch. I just wanted to take the time to say that. Enjoy!
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