Operation Sellout: The Time I Wrote for Harper’s BAZAAR


Well folks, it’s finally happened.  Since Joel McHale will never quite The Soup it seems like the next natural opportunity would be Harper’s BAZAAR Magazine.  I mean, because if it’s one thing you think about when you think of IBBB, it’s “high fashion.”  Anywhat, the fine people of BAZAAR chatted me up and thought it would be funny to get my take on a new fashion trend and put my IBBB spin on it.  I think that’s code for “be funny, but don’t get us sued!”  Obviously I jumped at the opportunity and had some fun with it.  On the real, this is probably the most legit thing I’ve done and, well, I need your help.

Your task for Operation Sellout, if you choose to accept (and you better because I had to sit through that extra season of Teen Mom and it nearly killed me) is to please (please, please) check out my article (here: http://www.harpersbazaar.com/fashion/street-style/a-man-on-the-midi-skirt)  and then Like/Share/Tweet and COMMENT on that article over at BAZAAR.  Maybe if it does well they’ll ask me to come back and that will lead me to a life where Tyra Banks makes all my life decisions for me?  I’m almost certain that’s how it all works anyway.  Plus, I may have even tossed in a joke or two for you guys.  It’s like Where’s Waldo for us trash bags!

For real, I’m pumped and grateful for the opportunity.  So please help me sell out and enjoy this high fashion (?) ride with me.  We’re doing it!!!  Go! Go! Go…


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