Operation Sellout Part 4: My Take on the Turtleneck for Harper’s BAZAAR



Thanks to all of your support I’m still in the process of selling out all the live-long-day.  This time, my friends at BAZAAR asked for my take on the “ever popular” turtleneck.  I didn’t hold back.  Please head over to BAZZAR (http://www.harpersbazaar.com/culture/features/what-do-men-think-of-turtlenecks) and be sure to LIKE/TWEET/COMMENT/SHARE my article so they keep asking me back.  One day maybe I’ll be on the red carpet interviewing celebrities for them!  And by “on the red carpet” I, of course, mean “lurking in the bushes wearing glasses and a mustache and inappropriately touching myself.”  But you knew that.

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