Operation Sellout Part 2: Next Up, Writing for REDBOOK!



Hey so you guys know how I’m internationally known as a fashion expert now, right?  Yeah me either.  What I do know, however, is that everyone did so great helping me sellout big-time with my Harper’s BAZAAR article that the generous people of REDBOOK wanted to grab my take on another fashion trend:  The Sock Bun.  I would love it if you could all go to that article on REDBOOK here (http://www.redbookmag.com/beauty-fashion/blogs/trends/what-men-think-top-knots-sock-buns) and Like it, Tweet it, Comment on it, etc, etc, Oh, and etc.  Just be sure to do it on their site.  I hear you may receive $.01 per Facebook Like.  That’s not true, actually.

As a sidenote, how insane is all of this?  You know that this will one day lead to me covering a Housewives event and then, that’s right, crashing Watch What Happens Live.  I’ll bring you all as my +1 and when we show up I’ll just say I’m bad with math.  So thank you, once again, for checking out the article and getting crazy social with it.  Insert sidewards winky face here____.

On the real, how crazy is all of this?!

Luke-Warm Regards,

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