Operation Sellout Alert! Harper’s BAZAAR Sent Me to Bergdorf’s, You Know, For Sport



Can you guys believe this sh*t?  I think it’s time for me to change my Myspace status to “In a Relationship” with Harper’s BAZAAR.  This time around they sent me on a field trip of sorts to Bergdorf Goodman in sunny NYC to do a little Christmas shopping.  I’m pretty sure they think I’m a trash bag and like to take me out of my element and, well, they’re right and they’re brilliant for doing so.

PLEASE continue to help me sellout by checking out my most recent article http://www.harpersbazaar.com/culture/features/how-to-find-the-perfect-gift and once you’re on their site sharing it on Facebook, Tweet it, Pin It, Comment on it, sing to it, dance with it, and maybe even get naughty with it (over at BAZAAR’s site, not here).  Just don’t get jiggy with it.  I jest.  Don’t get jiggy wit’ it.

As always, thank you guys for all the support over at BAZAAR.  For real, I think it’s the reason they allowed me to come back.  I just want to know when this will get me on Watch What Happens Live?  Can’t someone make that happen?  Santa, perhaps.

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