IBBB Running the Boston Marathon?

Yeah, no. IBBB won’t be running the Boston Marathon as I believe that exercise is the “devil’s dance.” But move over robotic Katie Holmes, Kate Scott (brilliantly pictured above) will be running the Boston Marathon and doing it for charity! But wait, it gets better. Kate will be running the marathon and helping IBBB sell out all at the same time! She will, of course, be running in a shirt that will sport the “ImBringingBloggingBack” website right across it. I, of course, will be giving her 14 cents per mile completed for doing so. Kate, an avid IBBB reader, will be my own personal running billboard. How can you help, you ask? Great question. PLEASE donate to Kate’s charity so that she can reach her personal goal of completing the marathon and helping out those less fortunate AND help me continue to sell out. Suck on that Perez!

As Sally Struthers would say, “for the price of a cup of coffee…..” Even if you can only donate $10.00 (you cheap, cheap, cheap bastard) that will even help. Check out Kate’s charity and donation form by clicking on the link below.

Kate Runs the Boston Marathon and Helps IBBB Sell Out! Click Here to Donate!

Good luck Kate. You truly are a complete dirt bag who cares!


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