Help Me Continue to Sell Out!


For some crazy reason someone has decided to pay it forward and I am the recipient that and now have my own personal Facebook Group!  No joke, I have nothing to do with this group, but am now a member of the “We Want Patrick Varone to Host The Soup!!!”  I’m actually extremely grateful that someone would take the time to do something like this.  I also pretty sure this is how you get hired for The Soup…through Facebook Groups.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Oprah tells me to dream big so, well, I’m doing just that.  You never know, maybe this will take off.  I mean it’s doubtful, but miracles happen every day.  So feel free to join this group here and pass it along to all of your friends.  Just think, if everyone can get 10 people to join, well, then that’s just math that I can’t even get my mind around.  Like 100?  Right?  Maybe more.

Thank you all!  Really.

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