“The Hills” Season 3 Finalizes the Script

Woo-hoo! The ink on the script of “The Hills,” season 3, is just about dry so you know what that means….time for them to air the episodes! It seems like years has passed since we last saw Lauren, Heidi, Whitney, and my personal favorite….Lisa Loveless. The new season will be airing soon so we can finally catch up with all of our favorite cast of characters. Will Lauren continue to have awkward fights with people? Will Heidi’s new boobs, nose, ass, and chin melt in the LA sun? With she and Steve Sanders actually get married? Will Whitney continue to give cliche advice? Will Lisa Loveless finally make her move on Whitney? Will Audrina find a way to cram even more teeth into her overcrowded mouth? Will all of the cast continue to communicate with facial expressions and not words like they always do? These are all great questions that you know you want the answers to. The Hills Season 3 premieres soon. Check your local listings because I’m not doing it for you.
As a side note, you gotta love the camera work of the person who legit used their video camera to tape this right off their TV. Steady hand….steady.
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