MTV’s Newport Harbor. Really?

Move over Laguna Beach, there’s a WHOLE NEW show about to debut on MTV. It’s going to be totally different from Laguna Beach. Even the name of the show is completely different. They changed the name from Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County to Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County. I shit you not. You see what they did? They replaced the word “Laguna” with the word “Newport” and the word “Beach” with the word “Harbor.” BAM! Completely different show. Are they kidding me with this? Ok fine so I’ll watch it, of course. That’s basically the only thing that will cure a Saturday and/or Sunday hangover. I guess I’m just bitter because I’ll really miss Cami’s boobs and Kyndra’s nose. It’s going to be tough to get to know a new set of complete retards. Seriously where did they find this crew? Someone definitely deserves the electric chair. Don’t these kids know how this will turn out for them? DUI, followed by a DUI, and a side of DUI. Oh well. I’ll give it a full 5 minutes before I place major judgement on it.
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