MTV The Hills: Are Lauren & Heidi Friends?

Sure there’s a war going on in Iraq, but let’s face it if you’re reading this you probably aren’t following the war so much. We have a new civil war taking place right here in the U.S of A between Lauren and Heidi. Perhaps it’s scripted, perhaps it’s mixed with liquor, perhaps they are having strokes. Let’s see how this very special episode of “The Hills” went down. Please continue to read with sarcastic tones.

Why does “Steve Sanders” talk to Heidi like he’s in a 1950’s drag-racing movie? He’s very cartoon-like. The more I watch this, the more I think Heidi looks like Donna Martin (Tori Spelling). Steve Sanders and Donna Martin? So even after Lauren tells Heidi she can’t stand Steve Sanders, Steve still buys Lauren some flowers (scripted). To switch things up a bit below are some questions the I have while watching:
  1. How many teeth does Audrina have? What’s the normal amount? I feel like she has way more than she should.
  2. How come every time Whitney asks a question it looks like she forgets what she’s saying halfway through?
  3. How come Jenn is in every episode now? I hope she doesn’t get a spin-off.
  4. If Lauren was sick for the day could Christina Applegate fill in for her? Seamlessly.
  5. Can Audrina overheat due to wearing a winter hat in “the club?” That’s danger.
  6. Can they show the “Hollywood” sign 15 more times? Yeah, we get it. California.
  7. If they talk about the flowers that Steve Sanders got Heidi that he ended up giving to Audrina I am no longer watching The Hills or MTV for that matter.
  8. How many personal calls can Heidi take at work in one day? Is there a quota?
  9. When did the Lauren get a cat? How many more times can she toss it around?
  10. Was the fight between Lauren and Heidi the first non-scripted moment of the season?
  11. Will Heidi and Lauren remain friends? Yes. Their reality show careers depend on it.
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